7th house planets and spouse characteristics

And the other person so seemingly, perfectly embodies the qualities for us. The eleventh House is the House of community, large groups, and friends. Malefic influence in this house will spoil family harmony, as Venus is known as Kalatra karka. Current Dasha. ¨ Aries - spouse will be careful, materialistic, quick-tempered etc. Why? Because you represent the Saturn, and she/he the Sun, and these two planets are the worst enemies in the celestial family. I am a Leo ascendenct with saggitarius as my rashi. Such an influence is required on 2nd (family) and 7th house (spouse). A word about the 7th house & marriage. Uranus in the 7th House. If sun is strong in 7th house than, the native has only one wife. Logically, we should have considered D7 chart to study marriage. Navamsa Mars in 7th house: If Navamsa Mars is placed in 7th house or associated with A7 in Navamsa, Seventh house is spouse house. Most horoscopic traditions of astrology systems divide the horoscope into a number (usually . If these aspects are bad, she will not have good qualities or virtues. House-wise, this is best position of Moon because 7th house is house of other people and masses and Moon is mind. The 7th house, referred to as the Descendant: unions, marriage, other people, associations, and contracts. Zodiac Mars in 7th House symbolism and astrological meanings and Planets In Houses horoscope . Your best bet is to find a partner who loves traveling as much as you do. 9)7th house also belongs to name and fame when Moon occupy 7th house native may has to change his place of getting name and fame. I’ve read that people with chiron in the 7th house often give too much of themselves in a relationship, they don’t know themselves, they get involved in relationships because they see in the other person qualities that they are missing. I think you have to look at the all the characteristics of the planet, the easy and the challenging. They have to learn a lot relationship wise etc. 7th House Kalatra Bhava – Marriage, Spouse, Partnerships. But destiny has something else planned for her. Rahu is about breaking taboos and in the 7th House, one will marry a foreign spouse or […] The Neptune in 7th house person can sometimes suffer disillusionment, sadness, and disappointment through being easily seduced by others, thereupon, not always perceiving a partner clearly. In the D9 chart your Ascendant becomes Aquarius. Seventh house is considered the house of marriage and partnership. You also identify with more serious or Capricorn types. sani in ucha only in Navamsa and not in natal chart, sani in 7th house (spouse ) in Navamsa,& ketu, kuja in 7th in rasi, chart, sani in ucha in Navamsa, may not helpful Venus in the ninth house enjoys being in love but also values your freedom and independence. Uranus wasn’t discovered until 1781. 8. The zodiac sign(s) on the cusp and in the 7th house describe these other people and situations you are attracted to. Jupiter is the only planet which represents spiritual excellence as well as human traits. Find in which house Venus is placed. In case more than one planet occupies the 7th house then effect of the General Characteristics: Enterprising, independent and progressive with good value  10 Dec 2015 The lord of the 7th house located in the Navamsha of a malefic planet and located between malefics makes one's spouse stubborn, false and  19 Dec 2015 Same way all planets and zodiacs have a long list of a characteristic As per Vedic Astrology, your 7th house and its lord decide the basic  15 Jul 2017 The reality of spouse is seen from D9 7th House and the planet 7th lord : 7th Lord is an actually an indicator of your Spouse physical qualities  25 Jun 2019 Moon: If the planet Moon is placed in the 7th house of the native's horoscope then there is a . Venus & Jupiter conjunction in 7th,8th or 12th house is not that favorable when it comes to loyalty to partner. Personality Aspects & Social Traits, Love & Relationships. If the 7th House or 7th Lord locates in watery signs, then the name may have the meaning related to river. Love Marriage: If sublord of 7th house is significator of 5th house and above condition of marriage is satisfied then one will marry the person they love, else not. When there are no planets in that house, the ruling planet (sign on the cusp) is particularly important in understanding the depth and type of relationship. 7th House :-Hindrance in marriage, problems with spouse, grieved, mentally disturbed. So many self help gurus, therapists, and spiritual teachers tell us that we should own our wounds and not blame anyone else for them. The lord of the 7th house and his position in the 7th horoscope. in the 9th house you make the bond and "the other" public (mutable houses spread and become visible) (the mutable principle). In Hellenistic, Vedic, Medieval and Renaissance astrology each house is ruled by the planet that rules the sign on its cusp. The page offers a reading of each planet in each of the 12 astrology houses, a total of 120 mini readings. Planets in 7th house in Rashi chart and spouse characteristics. Today, we will discuss about how to find out the direction from which your spouse will belong to. If 7th house is occupied or aspected by Sun, one will be aggressive in sex act. Now we have to check the overall strength of 7th house, its lord, Jupiter and 5th house. Any planet which enjoys power in one house (exalted) will automatically lose its power in the house opposite to it or the 7th house. Saturn & Rahu conjunction in 7th house of marriage or partnership gives delayed marriage and marriage with a different caste or community person, as Saturn denotes delay and Rahu is of other caste people. Libra is a cardinal sign, active in social affairs and good at organizing people. General Characteristics of the 7th House The Seventh House is known as the House of “Relationships”. Navamsa Rahu in 7th house also indicates marriage outside country or foreign spouse or intercaste marriage. Planets in different houses result differently according to the significations of house numbers. The planets give different results depending on their exalted position. The two-footed signs are especially interested in the first house matters of thinking and following one’s true nature and path. Saturn Rahu conjunction in 5th house or with 5th house lord gives trouble in having children, either all female progeny or no progeny at all. Saturn occupying its own or exaltation sign does not afflict natural benefics or their yoga-formations provided it does not simultaneously occupy its neecha-navamsa but all planets occupying navamsas ruled by Jupiter usually act as benefics and if situated in a kendra, in the 9th or in the 2nd house from the lagna make one very learned, famous Indication of Second Marriage in Astrology - Remarriage is a marriage that takes place after a previous marital union has ended, as through divorce or widowhood. This seventh house and its lord play a major role in determining the beauty, status, character of the spouse. Sun. My natal Chiron, the wounded healer, is in the 7th house. The Seventh House is commonly referred to as the House of Partnership. Purpose is important to the Seventh House — the act So, anyone in an intimate bond with those born with Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, in their 7th house, had better be strong, feisty and persevering — because they will get torn down…. How planets change the spouse qualities? 1) SUN IN SEVENTH HOUSE: The native is fair in complexion and has less hair on Your head but You is not bald. The house of relationships, partnerships, close contacts, other people. Also, the placement of the Sun in the 7th house indicates a The 7th house in Astrology represents your contacts with special others. Besides this the person gets result in accordance with the movement of his Ascendant’s sign. Sun occupies the 9th house and is conjunct Mercury and Saturn which also sit in the 9th. A benefic exalted Venus in 7th house can also take the native to foreign countries and some of these natives can settle abroad on permanent basis which can happen after their marriage and in some cases, such natives can go abroad on the basis of their marriage which means they can marry someone from a foreign country. 4 May 2019 People with Jupiter in the 7th house have a charm and a smile that can warm the natives with this planet in the 7 house may cheat on their spouse and All the traits they display with others will remain the same when they'll  24 Mar 2019 If there is malefic planets in 7th house and 7th lord is in dual sign in natal chart or in Navamsa, so, there will be more than one marriage. E. A love / hate relationship with your partner. In Gemini astrology system the lowest degree planet known as darakaraka planet signify nature and look (handsome or beautiful or good looking) of the spouse/partner (Husband or Wife) . Relation with Spouse: Check sublord of 11th cusp. There is a conflict between Mars representing a desire to fill your own wants and that of the 8th house’s role of give and take in relationships. Aspects and placement of planets In 7th house from Lagan, 7th house from Navamsa,7th house from Arudh lagan,7th house from karkans,7th house from shatyamsa. In case in a birth chart there are no planets placed in the 7th house then consider as per the planet governing the constellation of the 7th house cusp. If you know the meaning of the bhavas (houses), and the characteristics of each sign, then combine that information with the qualities of Sun. Mars in the 7th house is bound to give quarrel-some and fault-finding nature, and since ‘spouse’ is the first element ruled by the 7th house, spouse becomes the first target or participant in quarrels, disharmony and maladjustment between the married couple or two lovers. For Leo Ascendant Saturn rules over the 6th and 7th house and is a malefic planet for them and during Saturn transit 2018 Saturn will be over their 5th house of the horoscope. Effects of (Rasis-Signs) being The 7th House. If Moon is in the 7th house of the horoscope then the native is delighted in sex but the ejaculation is quick. Mars forces native to spend his energy in passion or anger in married life. If 7th house is posited with Moon (aspect does not influence), the person will take great delight in sex act. How to find the direction of your future spouse – Know The Direction Of Your Future Spouse Easily: Marriage plays a very important role in our life. Cancer and Leo rising always have trust issues with partners because Saturn owns the 7th house of Capricorn and Aquarius. I belongs to dhanush lagna with Guru and Budha in 4th and 7th houses (own houses) and Kuja, Budha and Moon are combined in 7th house, and I am currently running Guru mahadasha -Moon bhukti and my marriage got delayed, So Guru-Mars period will be gud for me for marriage and Mars is exalted in my Navamsa and its the 7th lord of Navamsa. Our ascendant sign indicates how we distinguish ourselves as an individual. 21 May 2018 Now we will discuss some basic principles to determine the type of spouse and spouse characteristics in vedic astrology. Navamsa Moon in 7th house: When Navamsa Moon is in 7th house,the spouse is Beautiful and very sexual. 7th and 10th Jupiter ceases to be a benefic and if placed in marks house i. As per ancient astrology, 7th house refers to your spouse. Planets in the 7th House and there is no auspicious planet (Shubh Graha) present in Kendra or Trikona: As per astrological studies suggests that the placement of one or more malefic planets i. Scorpio 7th house Taking a partner to emotional extremes. In this case, Scorpio is the baadhaka sthaan, and Mars is baadhakesh for the said house. A controlling and possessive partner. 7th house planets and Spouse  7 Dec 2018 The meanings of planets in the seventh house Depending on the aspects of Pluto, your partnerships and marriage may fill you with . The influence may be by position, aspect or conjunction (PAC). Natal will be crazy for the spouse. Planets in 1st House or Planets in First House – There are twelve houses in the horoscope. If the aspects are good, you will get a beautiful and dignified wife from a good family. 8th house from spouse house is Leo. the ruler of the 7th house and how it represents your S. With a copy of each person's horoscope and a listing of each person's planet in signs data in hand, begin plotting the planetary symbols on the chart of partner. The 7th house speaks to what we admire in others, the qualities we are attracted to and how we will seek out relationships with those people, whether in business, friendship or our hearts. It seeks a union leading to increased self-worth and gains. Mercury or Budha. If Leo appears in the 7 th House of your birth chart, you better be ready to adjust to all types of eccentricities in your spouse. 5. Position and strength of Venus. Look at the 5th and the 7th houses, especially if you are interested in a love relationship. Rahu. (b) Planets in the 7th house. He has no noble intentions and will do his hearts will even if it hurts and pains others. As one of the outermost planets, it moves rather slowly through the zodiac. Seventh House Lord in Different Houses Seventh House Lord in Ascendant This position indicates – ascendant is connected with outside world. The planets in the 7th house, which we want to delineate now, reveal yet more about the other(s). This shows the feeling your spouse will have on you (as 11th is their mind). 7th-from-7th, or Tanu Bhava; D-1 planets in Tula (Libra) radix L7 within navamsha ; navamsha 7th house; 4th house within D-4; Occasionally 7th from Surya, especially if Surya occupies Thula; Radical 7th lord does not provide timing of marriage ceremony so far as I know. The planets and zodiac signs will manifest themselves most strongly in the sphere of life represented by the House in which they fall on your chart. The 5th house stands for love, romance, scandals and is the primary indicator of affairs. So with the Sun in the 7 th house, you feel a high moral obligation for everything to be fair. Similarly it describes our   12 Jun 2019 7th Lord in Different Houses provides the brief analysis with each houses Such a planet is likely to not only describe the spouse but also in its  BEAUTY, LOVE AND MARRIAGE The 7th and 8th houses of a female's . Uranus brings with it a new way of looking at things, and its approach is best met with an expanded In 4th house, the person is blessed with a huge spaced home, either a spiritual mother/ family member or a highly educated family or both. If the sub lord of the 7th cusp signifies 2, 7 and 11 and the girl born with such ruling planets( as are the significators of 2, 7 and 11)n you can marry rich girl for harmonious married life. With mars in 7th house, their natives make excellent professionals in sales and marketing field due to their competitive nature. The periods of Mars and planets in Scorpio can create problems in relationship with spouse. It is basically to predict marriage life of the native, spouse and life in later stage (after 32 years). The planets which occupy the seventh house or aspect the seventh house also should be taken in to account while predicting about spouse. In astrology 7th house ruler, any planet in the 7th house and the other planets associated with them signify various personality and look of the spouse. Saturn or Shani. Therefore, this House shows what aspects of your health might be less dependable, and more at risk. Should Venus be in a Navamsa of Mars or in a Rasi of Mars or be in aspect to or conjunct Mars, the native will "kiss" the private parts of the female. Pluto-in-7th House people carry bombs — innately embedded in their personality. Fond of opposite sex, spouse priggish, insulted by spouse. house indicates the nature of the husband, according to the characteristics of  23 May 2017 The 7th house of one's horoscope dedicated to Marriage and The planet which is present in the 7th house decided the direction from where  Neptune in 7th House - Explores the Meaning of Planets Position at your Natal Chart. As per Astrology 7th house defines your marriage. So, your spouse will have the characteristics of that sector. Skip navigation Sign in. If you are an Aries Lagna, then Libra will be your 7th house. usually indicates that they will marry someone who has the qualities of his mother. The 1st/7th house axis, aside from the Nodal axis, is always looking for a “spouse” or partner who makes the 1st house person look good, and with the North Node here, looking good isn’t just about upgrading one’s appearance or behaviors; it’s also about living up to Aquarian-style personal ideals. (what planets rule) and the Generic relation is the general characteristics of Jupiter Ruler of 2nd house and 7th house is a Maraka or Killer planet as it has . Words of Wisdom for Planets in 7th House. The sign on the cusp of the 7th house or Descendant will tell you everything you need to know about your love and sex affairs. 6th House: The 7th lord in 6th house, they may be your colleagues, maternal relatives, they can be your enemies eventually, or some acquaintance of your enemies. 2. Depending on when a person was born, Shaw said, Saturn, the planet she believes disrupted her marriage in 1990, may eventually hit their 7th house. Its very hard to assess a person with Venus & Jupiter conjunction as at one point of time they are so much into Philosophy, wisdom, spirituality next moment they crave for materialistic achievements and recognition. It wants to be admired by the opposite sex and society. Ketu. And the last point relates to the planet ruling the ‘kaaraka’ for spouse at the time of birth of the individual. com. 7th, Libra, Uxor, Spouse, House of Partnerships, Close, confidante-like Kama – 3rd, 7th and 11th Bhavas/Houses – The need for pleasure and . The spouse will have high sense of self-respect. With this house, we see a shift away from the self toward another — a partner. Usually is it the house of marriage since we are closest to our spouses, but this house also indicates how you partner with any other chosen person in your life such as business partners, and sometimes even close friends whom you share your life with. Complexion: Wheat colour. Some individuals are more likely The Sun symbolizes the face that you show the world and how you identify yourself. Ascendant characteristics define a native's personality, based on the ascendant's strength, its lord, the constellation, Navamsa, position of planets, ascendant lord, planetary aspect on the ascendant. Planets in the Seventh House . Lal Kitab Remedies for Rahu in 7th House When Rahu is well placed in 7th house, native himself will be wealthy but his spouse and in-laws will suffer. Planets conjunct Jupiter will also influence the personality of your spouse. House 7 – The House of the Spouse. The 8th lord in the 8th is considered to be good for longevity, but a weak constitution will be conferred. Native will possess high post in the government. In case more than one planet occupies the 7th house then effect of the strongest planet will dominate whereas the other planets will add their colour to some extent. Also marriage will transform the native . Mars is is the significator of Anger, so when mars in 7th house spouse can be little bit head strong. As the name suggests. From the planet placed in 7th house, below are the spouse characteristics. 1st lets see what these 2 things represent - Just like Rahu, Ketu also represents illusion as both are illusionary planets but the difference is that Ketu is also the one who removes the illusion and brings enlightenment. With Saturn in the 7th house, you are serious about your relationships but that could be taken in different ways. Profit in You may call the seventh house in your horoscope an angel of relationships, since without proper respect for example appear in particular zodiac sign of your natal chart the 7th house may cause a row or start a baseless quarrel. Read how the stars influence your sexual life. . Now Coming to 7th house - If there will be any Negative planets in 7th house , Spouse always negatively treat partner or may be she dont like the attitude of the partner. often! 8 Traits of People with Pluto in the 7th House . If 7th house is posited with malefic planet and 7th lord is his enemy, the woman will have constant quarrels with the husband. sani in ucha only in Navamsa and not in natal chart, sani in 7th house (spouse ) in Navamsa,& ketu, kuja in 7th in rasi, chart, sani in ucha in Navamsa, may not helpful Each nakshatra resides in a personal planet, which reveals important and deep information about the individual in relation to the meanings of the houses (area of life) and which planet is ruled by which house. On general note, the placement of Mars in eighth house of Scorpio Ascendant is not auspicious and capable of causing problems via accidents, injuries, or other chronic health issues. . House 7 – House of the Spouse. The 7th house, being an angular house, will give power to any planets posited within. 7th house is house of market place, other people (masses), business partnerships, marriage, spouse, marital happiness etc. While planets in signs are more powerful and have a stronger influence on the house, the rising sign and its 7th house owner can reveal a lot about dynamics. Ruler of the 7th house and partner in RL. Know The Direction Of Your Future Spouse Easily. The seventh house of astrology is ‘the House of Partnerships’. In the 10th house, Jupiter gives a respectable position in careeralso the person has great management skills. A passionate and sexual partner. Seventh House in Indian Astrology. Nature of personalized expression of agreement-crafting is to be judged by characteristics of L-1. 4 Apr 2019 First of all, it should be decided that which planet influences 7th house most. You can see the planets positions from 3000 BC to 3000 AD, and also which are in retrograde. The first house or ascendant or lagna is very important and plays pivotal role for rest of the houses in males & females horoscope as it represents our wholesome body which acts an instrument to impart our destined role in this world. Now the basic characteristic of that Zodiac will be present in your spouse, for example, if Aries sign rules over the 7th house then the spouse will be Enterprising, Incisive, Spontaneous, Daring, Active, Courageous and Energetic, Aries are the proverbial infants, guileless and optimistic to the fault. The sign on a house cusp reveals the area of life in which the principle of that sign will be learned. This is the conjunction that engenders artists. it can give serious physical trouble during it dasa and bhukti. Being just the opposite of the Ascendant house which rules the self, this house rules the people you are associated with in life. which planet influences 7th house most. This is not treated as a good placement for Marital bliss. The 7th house continues to be the main house of your spouse, whether one or many. It is one of the kama houses, a house of desires, specifically how desires get fulfilled. In short, to find out whether one marries a career girl, the sub lord of the 4th cusp should be connected to or signifies either the 4th or the 8th or the 12th house or all the houses. The Natural karaka of marriage and the 7th house is Venus as its Mool-Trikon sign Libra is the natural 7th house of the zodiac, but is the placement of planets in the 7th house beneficial ? In astrology 7th house ruler, any planet in the 7th house and the other planets associated with them signify various personality and look of the spouse. To figure that out in your own horoscope, just consider the Zodiac sign occupying the House, and any planets that might be there. He or she may be of fair complexion, soft hearted etc. In regards to this, our descendent then indicates who we declare as “They are”. The second from any house “fills up” the house with its’ values. The sign or archetype of Libra is the natural ruler of the 7th house, and Libra is considered to be the sign most interested in relating to others. The principle manifests in more than one area of life, since the ruler, or ROVING DELEGATE of that sign, carries the message to another house. Long separation from spouse. By this I mean they likely have these planets in their 1st or 10th Houses, in their Ruled or Exalted positions, conjunct the Sun or Moon, or in some other major aspect. The 3rd house is the house of entrepreneurship and risk-takers, 5th house is for intelligence, and 7th house is for business/trading success. 8)7th house is one of Travel house of horoscope when Moon occupy 7th house native may loves traveling and may doing a lot of short journey or short time journey. Moon, Venus etc, House 1 is you, House 4 is your home, House 7 is your spouse, and House 10 is your career. Today there are many branches in ‘profession’ under many heads, which could not be found in ancient texts. The ruling planet of Libra is Venus. Natives in this house take love very seriously, and when they are in a relationship, they tend to drown in it and forget everything else. Characteristics: Note the lord of the sign, star and sub where the 7th cusp has fallen. Child Jupiter Lord of the 5th house Spouse Venus Lord of the 7th house Vehicle Venus Lord of the 4th house Property Mars (+ Saturn) Lord of the 4th house Guru Jupiter Lord of the 9th house Foreigners Rahu Lord of the 12th house As the above table indicates, if a person has Jupiter special aspecting the lord of the 4th house, How planets change the spouse qualities? 1) SUN IN SEVENTH HOUSE: The native is fair in complexion and has less hair on Your head but You is not bald. Sign placement of any planets means nature of the planet and house placement means where the person can find/meet their future Husband/ spouse. Which planets are powerful in which house (shown in Green) Which planets are weak in which house (shown in Red) Now let’s dive deep into the politics behind each planet and the houses. In astrology, the planet Mars signifies passion, energy, drive and will power. Moon is very important in the 7th house, because this house relates to lover/ beloved or the spouse as such. This house is located on the right side of the circle of house and coincides with the ‘Descendant’. Today I want to take the examples of Saturn and Uranus in the 7th to discuss marriage, partnership and teamwork, because it is, I think, a most perfect planet to use in discussing this house. Whether your spouse would be of a different cultural background, would be an inspiration to you, a friend, a motherly figure, a competitor, or a disciplinarian - you would find answers to such questions in this DIY guide. also the various benefic and malefic houses of Leo Lagna people are discussed Like for example 6th house is a definite malefic Continue reading The aspect of the planet on a particular house will change what is taking place in that house. Navamsa Rähu in 7th house: If Navamsa Rahu is in 7th house, spouse can be always thinking and confused, abstract thinking, good at mathematics, astrology etc. A strong 7th house means that you will never have affairs because you are devoted to your husband. Pluto in 7th house rules intimate relationships such as marriages, counseling relationships, business, etc. A strong 7th House could indicate a happy marriage life, high status in career and society, and harmonious partnerships in business. Content Effects of Moon in 7th HouseMoon in 7th house – Male Horoscope Vs Female HoroscopeEffects of Moon in 7th house in different Signs Before discussing the effects of Moon in 7th house with you it is obligatory to know something about the significance or importance of Moon and the 7th house to find out […] Author's Note: In the following sections, I frequently mention that you would be attracted to partners who have your 7th House planets "prominently placed" within their own charts. Mars or Mangal. Malefic in 7th house always be a case of ill treatment with partner which again lead to a battle ground for either extra-marital relationship or having out of wed lock situation. 1- 7th house is aspected by Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Sun. House Rulers in the Houses: Overview. The 7th house is the house of marriage, commitments, open enemies, business partnerships and it shows the characteristics we truly desire in a partner/spouse. Here, we have tried to provide you the insights of each planet in different houses. has strong characteristics of the DESC, planets in 7th 8. When the Sun has the predominance over the chart when considering the 7th house then, the spouse will be wheatish fair in complexion and has an average height. Navamsa Mars in 7th house: If Navamsa Mars is placed in 7th house or associated with A7 in Navamsa, The 7th house is the house of marriage, commitments, open enemies, business partnerships and it shows the characteristics we truly desire in a partner/spouse. side, wicked spouse. The native enjoys royal status and is liberal. Is 7th lord is a natural significator of spouse? You have mentioned “Spouse” in the 7th house significations, hence asking. The dasa and antardasa time period of your 7th lord or the planets sitting in the 7th house should be the ideal time period for you to find your spouse. The 7th house: The 7th house stands for marriage. They like to see if everyone around them is Spouse is likely to go along with one’s own stronger personality, especially if the graha is favorable. Sign & Nakshatra (rising in this house), seventh house lord, Karka, planets and Navamansha position of concerned planets indicate much more about the spouse. These ideas are foreign and distasteful to Uranus who always wants to break free. The sign falling in the 7th house, and any benefic or malefic influence of planets on it and its lord, correspondingly reflects on the married life of the individual. For instance, a person with Aries ascendant will have his 7th House in Libra while his 10th House in Libra; this means Cancer will be his house for spouse career. ¨ Planets aspecting the 7th house. She/he would be royalty personified, and royal people cannot 9. These may not be the truth. The 7th House - Partnerships. If Jupiter in 7th house in Navamsa Chart spouse characteristics will be very religious minded and god fearing one. Native will be very cunning, wicked but will be perfect in work. You befriends people with difficulty as in Dear Readers , If you are asking a query , Kindly do not forget to worship SRIMAN NARAYANA and HANUMANJI and then write a number within 1800 followed by single digit number [ within 1-8 ] ,kindly Give time and current Place where you are asking query from ! , followed by number of virtual beetle leaves ,nuts and fruits you would like to give astrologer , and clear place ,time and date of birth . Whereas the 5th house governs romance and love affairs, the seventh house is about the deep commitment of love. Suppose Ascendent is Cancer, 7th house is Capricorn. It is also an angular house corresponding to physical manifestation. transit in 7th house. Saturn is on a roughly 30-year cycle and when it does hit, she said, it can last 2-1/2 years. Effect of the debilitated planet depend on the which house Venus rule. However, it is clearly mentioned in scriptures that D9 has to be used to study about marriage and spouse. Hence it is checked to determine what kind of spouse a person will have. i. When your relationship with your spouse is strained then it can even end up in deep enmity. In D-1 chart, Saturn is in 7th house while in D-9 chart Saturn has shifted to 8th house, the house of ultimate termination! Her experience with first marriage and spouse was very bad therefore she decided not to marry again. Some examples: If lagnesha-1 = Shukra, native expresses a feminized taste, full of sweetness and sensual indulgence. Influence on 2nd is much more important as an influence on 7th alone will cause separation from spouse, thus resulting in a divorce. I don’t believe there are any rules you can bet your life on. As you can see by the article, I outline the things I take into consideration. So we want, expect, and (yes) demand our lover(s) to "live out" these If the Saturn is in 7th house may be from a lower status. if someone has the aspect of Saturn on the 7th house then marriage will be delayed. Planets In 7th House : Agony Or Bliss In Marriage Sun or Surya. 1st House The Ascendant = Your Rising Sign The Ascendant, also known as the Rising Sign,marks the beginning of the horoscope birth chart. PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTE Hi VS, This query pertains to Leo Asc ONLY. Analysing the second, ninth, tenth and eleventh lord the good time for business is The 7th lord in bharani shows that the spouse would have all these characteristics . Effects of the Planets on the Sixth Bhava Sun placed alone in 7th house will spoil good significations of Venus like marriage, social status of spouse, skin, green animal food, white cow, love etc. 7. Profit and loss in business, wanders aimlessly, problem from govt. On a surface level, marriage is a fulfillment of physical and social needs. The 7th House & The Descendant. My birth details: dob-20/05/1992 Time-12:20 pm Place-Bangalore I do not have any planets in my 7th house, and my 7th house lord is placed in the 6th house which is its own house again. 2- 5th lord Venus is placed in Lagna with lord of Lagna. The Ascendant is one of the most important of four central houses of a horoscope. Detachment is caused by malefic influence of Sun, Rahu, Saturn and 12th house lord. When Saturn, Rahu etc. Sometimes the person is willing to sacrifice everything just to be with one person. The 7th house is where you meet your mate. See the Lagna-wise effects of these planets from > here. Leo’s full traits and characteristics are discussed. Hamsa yoga in the 7th house gives a spouse who has a great personality and good nature. You may relate to a different element from The periods of Sun and planets in Leo can create problems for learning of astrology and occult learning. To determine the timing of marriage , the dashas to look out for are : The mahadasha/antaradasha of : # 7th lord / 1st lord # Planet sitting in the 7th house,1st house or aspecting the 7th house HOUSES IN YOUR BIRTH CHART. This is the most important malefic house in a horoscope, 8th lord is the most malefic planet and it can destroy any House. Look at the ruling planet of your spouse. However based on your Lagna and where these planets are placed they give different results. A benefic or friendly planet in the 7th house 7th House in Birth Chart Understanding 7th House in Birth Chart - Vedic Astrology Seventh Astrology House This house signifies married life, spouse, and this house also give us general idea about mental disposition and physical characteristics of spouse. e. Leo here becomes the 7th house. Now, if Mercury is placed in the 2nd house (exalted), does this make a Dhana Yoga in D-1, by virtue of lordship of both these houses, and thereby creating a strong relationship between Dhana & Laabha sthanas. Spouse Prediction from Navamsa chart as per Planetary Position. Her voice is raucous and she is always ready to fight. The 7th house is ruled by diplomatic, harmonious Libra and the planet of relationships, Venus. If there are malefic planets in 7th house, the spouse of native will be from lower family and not beautiful. 11. The placements of different planets give different results. 7th to 8th house 8th to 7th house 9th to 6th house 10th to 5th house 11th to 4th house 12th to 3rd house (… in progress) Second from any house. Top. The result is that its effect is felt more generationally than individually. The 7th house is considered the house of marriage, spouse and compatibility. If there is an intercepted zodiac sign in the 7th house, you will have to take this sign into account too. The classical combinations for such relations are – Venus-Rahu in the 5th or Mars-Venus in the 5th house. Dating, sex, relationship, and love horoscope. If Venus dasha is on the being a karaka of marriage it may give a second marriage if first is broken. SATURN AND THE 7TH HOUSE. For example, since venus is my atmakaraka, i'd look at it in the D7 and D9 and look at the 7th sign from it in that particular chart and see what planets are there to see the type of spouse I might get _____ Just to add, anything involving points investigates the QUALITY of the spouse: is this person a good partner or not? Beginning in childhood, the chart holder believes that the expression of twelfth-house planets is either denied or discouraged by parents. what is this article about? this article at length discusses the Leo lagna or ascendant or the Simha Lagna that it is called in vedic astrology. When mars in 7th house spouse can be very well built, athlete type (may look like a sports man). Spouse appearance as per Planets in the 7th House of your Horoscope. When Mars occupies the 7th house, it suggests an individual who directs a lot of passion and energy into their romantic partnerships. If the 7th house is occupied or owned by Saturn/Mars, the native will beget a harlot as his spouse or she will be attached to other men illegally. The house is associated with intimate relationships, dealings with the public, cooperation, equality, awareness of our own identity, agreements and a desire to share close one-on-one interactions. By looking these two planets placement (house) in the birth chart, one can tell about the place where one can meet the spouse and by their sign placement one can tell about temperament of the spouse. with gemini Virgo, Libra or Pisces in the 7th house, the complexion of spouse would be fair. One of the classic features of this placement is that often the subject may not marry or commit to a relationship until after the first Saturn return, and sometimes not until they are much older. All areas of life that fall under the scope of the seventh house are in a way a reflection of the first house of a personal chart. Debilitated planets means the planet is not aware of that energy which house they rule, and exalted planet means planets is aware of that energy which house they rule. You always want justice Each ascendent and moon sign has a 7th house to it and the planet owning that house will signify the general characteristics of your life partner which gets modified later by the influence of planets placed in the 7th house, the placement of the 7th lord and the influence of planets on the 7th house and lord of navamsha horoscope. Have good diplomatic qualities, like to make everyone happy, compromising and devoted to spouse. Position of Rahu in the 7th house of the natives natal chart: With Rahu in the 7th house of the natives natal chart, it makes the native cruel and an aimless wanderer. An example of this is that the planet that rules the 7th house (indicating a person's spouse) gives detailed information about the spouse. When several planets tenant these houses in a horoscope, the native is more concerned with physical reality and manifesting things there. In horoscope, 7th house has been assigned for matrimonial matters. Each ascendent and moon sign has a 7th house to it and the planet owning that house will signify the general characteristics of your life partner which gets modified later by the influence of planets placed in the 7th house, the placement of the 7th lord and the influence of planets on the 7th house and lord of navamsha horoscope. Be careful of the planets that are residing in the 7th house. Each house is specific and signifies various regimes of our life. The reality of spouse is seen from D9 7th House and the planet sitting there reveals a lot about the spouse. Sun: If there is sun in the 7th house of native, the spouse will be of dominating nature. Because of this Combination of Planets as ‘pointers’ to know ‘ PROFESSION’ a note from Modern Astrological Institute, Chennai, India. The aspect of 11th house Jupiter over the 3rd, 5th, and 7th houses create an entrepreneurial mindset. For example, with Aries, Scorpio or Leo in the 7th house spouse would have bright reddish-oriented complexion. Pluto in 7th house brings peculiar experiences in relationships such as marriage. It is the point of the ecliptic by sign and degree that was ascending or rising over the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth. 9. If the 8th lord is in bharani , these people will be very good with reading minds of other people and will have a great sense of intuition . Which planets are in 7th house of the horoscope. The 7 th house indicates is the house that is studied for marriage. The 7th house is the house of desire. These houses correspond to the Physical Plane. g. 5th House Putra Bhava – Children, Past life, Creativity, Romance. Leo's planetary ruler is Sun. The nature and qualities of the rasis, planets and the nakshatras explained so far are The Seventh house called Kalatra sthana, represents spouse, sex life,  Characteristics of 12 houses (Bhavas) of Horoscope Zodiac and their Role and House. Also everything the house stands for. Second house suspected by venus also important. (Both the houses are shadow of each other). If we divide our life span into two parts then marriage obviously comes in the interval, it changes the story to some extent sometimes fully. They indicate the characteristic of the first partner. The 4th Lord, 4th House as well as all planets aspecting the 4th House will also have influence on the decision of the future husband profession in astrology. Other soft stars in 7th house can give qualities like education, maturity of mind, beauty or charming personality to the spouse, but Moon alone can get the individual a spouse with cordiality of mind and thought, with very good mutual Effect of Debilitated Venus in Different Houses. So, this person's mind is very much concerned for other people. Marie has, in Placidus house system, an untenanted Aquarius cusped 7th house, so it is ruled by Uranus. In case your 7th House or 7th Lord is positioned in these zodiac star signs: Sagittarius, Gemini or Pisces, the higher chance is – the spouse name will probably have a middle name. 10. There are some important factors that can affect the personality of an individual. e Mars in D9 7th house shows spouse would be very active, Dynamic in nature, Round face, stout body, short heightened, reddish appearance, whereas the Sign, Aspects and D9 7th Lord Strength can totally change the whole picture of a spouse. The Seventh House shows us that partnerships can take many forms: marriage, business relationships, contracts, legalities, negotiations and agreements. Attracting an obsessed partner. Libra characteristics chosen consciously can help us. So by considering the 7th lord, planets in the seventh house, the dasa/apahara periods are recommend in the horoscope report. 6th House Ari Bhava – Disease, Enemy, Resistance power, Competition. Saturn transit over your 4th house from November 2014 was very painful and it leads you to many not so good situation. Native’s mind is with spouse. Today, Ketu in 7th house. Normally, natal… In Vedic Astrology the Navamsa or 9th Harmonic chart (D9 chart) is said to be a microscopic view of the 9th House and therefore the hidden undercurrent of our fate. Astrology moon sign -Information about the moon. Venus is the planet of love and relationship. Information about the behavior of the Sun, the Moon, and each of the planets in the 12 horoscope houses. If the Moon is placed in the 7th house, then the spouse will be sweet spoken and an invert. You want to be with someone who allows you to spread your wings rather than keep you home. The more planets in these houses, particularly the 7th house, the greater the need to relate on a one-to-one basis. You pride yourself on being able to compromise and restore balance when things are out of whack. It makes sense, to a degree. The sixth house is an important house for all those natives who concern treatment of the ailing or nursing for them. Basic features of the spouse. The Moon is the divine giver of emotions and immense softness at the core for which the arrival of Moon in 7th house would also bring sentiments and gentleness to the aspects of this house. O. Influence of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Mars, Venus, Rahu and Ketu in 7th house of marriage. Example4: Suppose 7th house in D-9 is Capricorn. Let us look at the effects that would occur, if Shani or Saturn was placed in the 7 th house of a person’s online janma kundali. For example, if a person has the sign Aries on the cusp of their 7th house, the planet Mars is said to "rule" the 7th house. The seventh house Descendant. See its position with respect to 7th house. They are the strength Ascendant or Lagna, its lord, the planets having aspect on the ascendant, the position of planets and ascendant ruler in astrological birth chart or Navamansa Besides this the person gets result in accordance with the movement of his Ascendant’s sign. Phaladeepika says, person wanders on road and loses his wife if Mars is in the 7th house and The 7th house of the horoscope relates to partnership, marriage, spouse and sexual relationship. For a Taurus lagna, if Mars is in the 4th, since , it is reasonable to assume the spouse could have anger issues? A negative exalted Jupiter in 7th house can also make the native leave his wife and family at one point of time due to serious misunderstandings and problems in married life and such a native may choose to go to some asylum to lead the life of an ascetic. Moon or Chandra. While most planets need to learn a little detachment in the eighth house, Uranus needs to learn to balance its detached nature with a necessary amount of intimacy. If, however, it is strong it is capable of conferring much benefit from government, wife and business particularly the former. The Seventh House in Astrology generally relates to your spouse, marriage, partnerships, long distance journey, commerce, trading and your perspective on the world. Rahu in the 7th house Rahu in the 7th shows obsessions with finding self-esteem through other people. Since Saturn occupies the 7th house in the D1 natal chart the spouse will likely be older in age and very serious and mature. Natives with Mars in 7th house have tremendous sexual energy and you tend to pick partners who bring out the most aggressive side of your nature. Marriage, spouse, promised partnerships, one-on-one relationships, business partnership, verbal commitments, opponents, justice, law are included in this house. Keywords : How to Find Spouse First Alphabet : Understanding spouse in astrology, physical appearance, 7th house, 7th lord and nature of spouse,Marriage and Relationships, spouse appearance in astrology, spouse astrology, Spouse First name, spouse in astrology, type of spouse in astrology, Vedic Astrology, first letter of my life partner astrology. If native gets some authority post and he handles it softly OR native becomes businessman and handles his customers by hot temperament; native will get spoiled. Two-footed signs are least interested in the 7th house matters of maintaining partnerships, yet Venus, the planet of relationships, rules over Libra. Saturn’s presence in the 7th house also shows karmic ties with the partner and the only solution is to happily persevere and learn the lessons of life. If you have Mars in the 8th House, you might find yourself getting frustrated easily. If you have Pluto in 7th house, you long to have intense passion and love for someone else Ruling Planet: Venus Pluto In Seventh House: Personality Traits the balance between you and your partner in your marriage can get in the way. The seventh house in astrology rules relationships in personal life like marriage or in professional life as in partnerships. 4. The direction of the spouse’s village / town / city can be ascertained by the knowledge of directions ruled by planets and zodiac signs. The seventh house is traditionally known as the "house of marriage". Radical 7th will show material-social characteristics of the alliance. Jupiter or Brihaspati. Placement of Ketu in seventh house of horoscope is generally not considered favorable and gives inauspicious results. So, yes, this reading would be beneficial to you if you wanted to know about your 7th house and potential for marriage and when. Characteristics of 4th House. Additionally, the dasa and antardasa time of the 5th, and 11th house lords and planet placed in these houses are seen to be the time which triggers marriage. “That is the hardest, most challenging aspect to the marriage house. In Astrology, 7 th house denotes marriage. 8TH HOUSE PLANETS AND DISEASES. This page also describes the basic principles of astrology. 7th lord in the 8th house: 7th lord placed 2nd house away from itself its mean person may good partner and gain wealth through spouse. In this house is all about partnership, and with Scorpio here, your one-on-one relationships are bound to be deep, intense, powerful, and profoundly intimate. The 12th House shows your weakness, what you have to yield in life in order for the rest of your talents to bloom. 189 videos Play all Planets through ascendants KRSchannel - Learn Marriage/Spouse Meeting circumstances in Astrology - Duration: Effect of Sun in 7th house | The positions of some planets and bodies representing love just come second. Saturn in 2nd house may indicate an elder one and mercury a younger one. Generally, the 5th house shows sexual affairs, while the 7th house indicates a greater commitment (though not necessarily marriage). Sevent House is known as Yuvati Bhava and is responsible for marriage and all matters related to spouse and married life. If the sub lord of the 7th cusp is the significator of 7, 8, 12 and 5, opponent is very powerful in all walks of life. Your parents can bring this relationship as well. 7th house in the natal chart indicates marriage prospects, spouse etc. If the Saturn and Mars occupy 7th house together or individually, spouse may suffer from problems in getting children. Each person's birth chart is unique and affected with planetary strength, Dasha,conjunction and transit results. " Characteristics of the Shani Saturn Rahu Ketu Graha Planets Dasha Timeline Nakshatra So when we want to know about the details of spouse or your life partner nature & physical characteristics then we need to look at your birth chart 7th house condition like 7th house sign , 7th house sign lord sign placement condition & planets influencing to your 7th house & venus jupiter condition in birth chart then see jaimini DARA KARKA I means you work hard at that house. If Saturn is malefic and has direct vision over the 7th house, then the husband would be average looking, much older to the girl (more than 7-years of age gap). Be ready for all these qualities in your spouse. on the cusp of their 7th house, the planet Mars is said to "rule" the 7th house. The autonomous organs like the lungs, heart, kidney, a person’s immovable and movable properties, having the house and other properties in their native place, whether a person will live his life in his native place are guided by this House. Mars, Rahu or Ketu in the 7th house is one of the major reasons for a delayed marriage. Lastly, since the 7th house lord is sitting 9 places away, your spouse could Lastly, since the lord of the 7th house is Saturn, which is the slowest moving planet,  Planets occupying or aspecting the 7th house, the lord of the 7th house, the of the 7th house = VENUS should all be examined for predicting marriage and marital Characteristics of Females Born under different Janma Nakshatras :  People with many seventh-house planets need other people to fully placement look for the best in people while trying to ignore the negative qualities in others. Sun-Mercury-Jupiter Conjunction - 3 Planet Conjunction These three together work well in a horoscope. It also gives fear or chances of accidents to the spouse. If there are close conjunctions to Jupiter, your spouse will also have the characteristics represented by those other planets. The Ascendant or the first house of horoscope is the indicator of appearance, physique, health, reputation etc of the individual. Considering the lagna lord and other factors, the favourable periods for career is also mentioned in the free astrology report. It is usually used during predictions about marriage of the native, spouse, married life etc but is also useful to know characteristics of the native and also his/her… The eighth house is about intimacy and the dynamic of give and take. Spouse has strong interest in the Characteristics And Personality Traits For Individuals Of Different Ascendants. He conquers the war. The 7 th house is an angular house i. Appropriate conclusion can only be drawn with full horoscope for which you may take paid consultancy via contact@horoscopeastrologer. The Descendant in Scorpio If Scorpio is the sign on the cusp of your 7th house then you’ll be attracted to magnetic, powerful sexual partners who are willing to become consumed by extreme passions and attachment in a committed relationship. My wound which never heals is other people. The highest highs and lowest lows of a marriage. These people then spend the rest of their lives trying to find the courage, or comfort level that allows the natural expression of their twelfth-house planets, making the twelfth house the house of hidden talents or gifts. When Saturn is in 7th house not being his own house or house of its exaltation, the woman will be disliked by her husband. Significance of Nine planets in Vedic astrology Characteristics of 7th House The information regarding a person's spouse, their characteristics, public  30 Aug 2017 The seventh house, commonly referred to as the marriage house, deals House is a strong position for the Sun, bringing all the qualities that come Sun in the 7th house in cardinal or mutable signs, or with other planets in  Every planet aspects the house exactly opposite to it or in other words the 7th house. Your spouse may lack the charm you desire to see in him or her but will have a very deep and influential voice. Possibility of second marriage, venereal disease, piles, fistula. Everybody is eager to know the effects of different planets in the 7th house of their horoscope. Navamsa Chart is the most important divisional chart, Navamsa means nine part of a particular Rashi in which each Amsa consists of 3 degrees and 20 minutes. When you look at all those details Jupiter:- Being lord of two Kendra houses vix. We have various combinations with reference to planets in the 7 th house (House of Marriage) and in this small write- up, we shall be mentioning only few of the combinations to tell you about the color of your spouse. If the 7th house is well aspected or natal Saturn is well placed, the native’s partner will be a person of great integrity, status, well placed, sincere and will look after the native well. It’s truly one of the best planets to have in the 8th house. Shukra in sthana-07 Venus in 7th house * BP or in the 7th amsha. So, lets see what Ketu can do in 7th house without any conjunction or aspect from any other planet. Venus or Shukra. You work better with a partner, and feel better when you’re with someone in a one-on-one setting. As with the other angular houses, any planets in this house are very important. However the second spouses attributes also get connected to the dasha period and transits over the 7th house or over the 7th lord. 7th House (Spouse) Indications in Vedic Astrology, 7th house planets and spouse characteristics, 7th LORD u0026 NAVMASHA IN MATCH MAKING, astrological remedies hindi, bhav chalit kundali, jyotish upay hindi, sarvashtak yog, Seventh House, venus in 7th house, venus in 7th house for female, venus in 7th house marriage, venus in 7th house spouse If you have planets in that house, a deeper description of the partner’s traits emerges. Libra is a two-footed human holding the SCALES. 7th house and the planets in it indicate the nature and occupation of your hubby. Mercury is the 2nd & 11th lord. I have Jupiter in my 1st house and it is aspecting the 7th house. Each house consists of its own characteristics or significations. 3. The seventh lord in a horoscope represents spouse of the native. 11th Astrological House. Houses. Astrology: The 7th house and the relationship partner. It’s less about you and more about them. Whatever house your DaraKaraka is in, expect that house to be important in your spouses’ chart – they will have planets there, like Sun, Moon, or their Atmakaraka. Find out 7th house planets and spouse characteristics. A highly sexed partner. This incarnation provides us with a task to find peace in relation to something specific, and this is seen through the sign on the seventh house cusp, planets inside this house, and its ruler. I decided once a move to spain because my wife had a good oportunity there . This 7th house also means enemies or opponents. Placement of four planets in 11th house of her horoscope, forced her to The planets today shows you where the planets are now as a live display - a free online orrery. If Moon or Venus is in 7th house of the horoscope then there will be a quick ejaculation during coitus. The 12 Houses of astrology are symbolic of the all the departments that make up human life. Moon or Chandra is also a royal planet and is the queen in Hello Maheesh. So Sun is Exalted in Aries In vedic astrology , the 7th house is the house of marriage & the 7th lord shows the characteristics of the spouse. As per astrology, the 1st house signifies you and the house which is directly opposite to you is the 7th house. Parashar also recommends to see the 7th house from 7th lord and Venus. The 7th lord in different houses - a DIY guide to check out the personality, characteristics, and profession of your spouse using Vedic astrology. 8th House Aayu Bhava – Longecity, Inheritance, Type of death Sympathetic, philosophical, courteous, has many siblings, especially brothers, adopts unscrupulous methods for gaining their objective, addicted to bad things, loves indulging the opposite sex, gains through all matters related to the 3 rd house and advertising and publicity stunts. People having Sun, Mercury and Jupiter conjunct in a house in their horoscope often earn name and fame in fields such as writing, sculpting, communication, and fine arts. The planet residing in the 7th house would clearly depict your spouse’s personality. The Sun and Planets : Given below are the basic qualities and nature of the nine planets. The 8th House rules diseases and death. If Sun is in the 7th house of the horoscope then there will be agressive sex behavior. 1. Certainly, if one has planets in the 7th, that is important, but does not deny marriage. Synastry Planets in Partner's Houses As you become more interested in synastry, you may want to take a look at how each individual's planets fit into the chart of the partner. And so on for the other slow moving planets…. by nature of other planets influencing 7th Result of Ketu in 7th house of chart. Get FREE Love Compatibility Check Astrology can give clue in advance about your would be spouse. 7th House: When 7th lord in 7th house, your spouse can come from business partnerships, this can be or cannot be a love marriage. the planets have more influence in this house. Marriage is a legal relation and the 7th house deals with all the legal relations. It depicts the characteristics we project into the outer world and how we proclaim our “I am”. Hence, that house is closely looked at for all decisions regarding marriage. The placement of shadow planet Ketu in 7th house is perceived to be inauspicious in general while on the other hand, the other planetary placements can bring variations in the planetary impacts upon the native’s life. And the main reason we feel these 7th house Shadow Lover qualities are so very attractive and magnetic within other people is: Deep down we don't believe we have these valued characteristics. Transit Planets in the 7th House Transit Sun in the 7th House With the transit Sun in your 7th house, your focus is on other people and your relationships. It is opposite the 1st house and thus, represents other people, the native's behaviour towards other people, his partner (spouse or associate). Planets in 7th house – Monica Kochar Planet Good Comments Sun If the sun is placed in 7th house than the native gains from business but not in good amount. It shows your legal bondage to her. Presence of Ketu in seventh house raises chances of hardship in these areas of life. If more than one influence is on 7th house, native will imbibe the characteristics of all the influences combined. Those with this mars positioning may also face aggressive and impulsive behaviors from spouse, friends, business associates because of their nature the strain in relations is quite predictable. These 5 have to say about the LOOKS of the spouse. By cooperating with and relating to another we unite for the purpose of achieving something. As you know, each house handles so many sectors of our life. Scorpio in 7th House – Scorpio on the cusp of the Seventh House. All the top rated benefic planets are influencing to 7th house, which is a good indication for early and successful marriage as well. The house is related to the food as well as dietary habits of the people and health activities that are influenced with improper care of the body and lack of attention to the diet. MARS IN HOUSE SEVEN Mars in the 7th house encompasses a passionate nature in the realm of relationships and relations with others. Leo in the 7 th House . The other central houses (kendras) are 4th house, 7th house and 10th house. This post explains 7th House Astrology in depth, explaining the importance of Seventh House in Vedic Astrology. Mars in 7th house: The 7th house deals in marriage, relationships and physical relationship, anger, aggressiveness. But the characteristics of the spouse won't change as they are determined by the Lord of the 7th house. Areas of Life. Search. Sun in 7th House. 7th house deals with marriage, spouse, characteristic of spouse and marital harmony. so 5+2=7 basic factors 7th lord in the 7th house: 7th lord, is placed in its own house which is good. Planets in the 10th house, the sign on the cusp of the 10th house, and its ruling planet will greatly influence your career and your general reputation in public. For instance, if Jupiter is conjunct Saturn, it reduces your spouse’s optimism and creates a more frustrated personality. second, 7th etc. Say for example, the 8th house also called the “randhra bhava” normally stands for “holes”, or “apertures” or in Overall a good Moon in 7th house brings success in life. The sign on the cusp of the 7th house (Descendant) sets the stage and represents, in a general way, the partner(s) and partner type you are attracted to. Case Study: How to Find Spouse First Alphabet. 7th house planets and spouse characteristics

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